hubert blanz
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Homeseekers - A City from Behind, panels 1+2, c-print, 180 x 600 cm, Hubert Blanz, 2012-2016, exhibition view from the group exhibition,
In die Stadt, MMKK–Carinthian Museum of Modern Art, Klagenfurt, curated by section.a, February 8 to May 20, 2018
Hubert Blanz's artistic works mainly deal with urban infrastructure, spatial patterns and geographic as well as virtual networks. A central focus has become the metropolis, its rapid and constant expansion, the challenges which arise from this, its vision and its impact on our living together.

In addition to these images deriving from the metropolis, networks from nature serve as models for large-sized collages and animations. Mosses, leaves, lichen – the inner structure of the tiniest objects is visualised through a transmitted light technique and put together to form new landscapes, involving precise detailed work.

Reading and deciphering Blanz‘s  large-scale images depends on the beholder’s distance from the work. Often the picture appears from a distance to be an abstract pattern, but when it is approached, the components  which have been used become recognizable – there is a play with proportions and the perception of invented spaces.